Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back From France

After having spent two weeks in France I realize how silly I was not to have visited sooner. On the other hand, if I believed in the notion that "all things happen for a reason," then this trip would be evidence, as almost every experience was great, I got lucky every time I needed luck, and the weather was either perfect or nearly perfect everywhere I went.

And while almost every French person I interacted with was friendly and polite, I also met some fantastic people, those rare persons who combine warmth and intelligence and dedication and generosity. I'm talking about Anjou upstarts Benoit Courault and Jérôme and Sophie Saurigny, the longstanding Rhône families as represented by David Sabon and Sophie Autran, and others as well. I'll be posting about my experiences with these persons and their wines in the coming days.

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