Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My recent silence ends tonight. Back to blogging.

On a night like tonight, though, it's hard to put my feelings into words. And while I can try to find a wine for the occasion, there's no way that a wine can be as profound as Capital-H History. But I can try, right? So out comes the 2002 Mandois Blanc de Blanc Premier Cru Champagne.

This is a reserved, low-dosage vintage Champagne that at six years old is marvelously young, precise, and pure. The nose shows hazelnut, granny smith apple, and wet gravel, yet it's on the palate where the wine really shines, with a mousse that simultaneously subtle and vigorous and a finish that just goes and goes. Hints of toast and fabulous, mouthwatering acidity. Its minerally, laser-like focus unfolds in wave after wave of pure rock and delicate fruit, and in my mind compliments our new president, who is always the man we've seen him him to be, and yet who continually reveals himself to be that same person.

The wine ultimately leaves me speechless, as does this day. So I'll just say, "Here's to our future."


David McDuff said...

Right on, Mike. Good to see you back in action.

Wicker Parker said...