Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drinking Subzero

With the wind chill making it feel like -3 Fahrenheit, is there any better time to be drinking Muscadet? Well, it's what I've been drinking the last few nights — specifically, Henri Poiron's 2008 Domaine des Quatres Routes Sèvre-et-Maine. The only background info I've found on this wine comes from Jim's Loire, and then only that this domaine (of the two that are Poiron's) is sited on schist, a bit unusual for this granite-dominated appellation.

When I first opened it I thought it a dead ringer for a Chablis, but soon enough the seashell characteristics turned into the more quintessentially Muscadet characteristics of lemon and salty rocks. It shows good concentration and weight, and for all its clean, acidic snap it's a pleasantly warming wine, just the ticket for an absurd cold snap.

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ConstanceC said...

I absolutely love Muscadet.
It is definitely one of my favorite styles and I think it's appropriate all times of year! Currently, my favorite Muscadet is Savion Sevre de Maine.. at $10.99 a bottle, you can't go wrong. I'm in CT so I'm not sure what distribution is like down your end, but I recommend grabbing a bottle if you can!