Friday, March 20, 2009

BSG Bubbles

President RoslinTonight's series finale of the new Battlestar Galactica marks the end of an era. Gotta have some bubbles to help wipe away our tears and to accompany all the deliciously evil acts that we'll undoubtedly witness. My friends need something deliciously drinkable and the bottle can't be too expensive — we're gonna watch TV, for cryin' out loud — but I'm not willing to sacrifice depth.

The Château d'Orschwihr Crémant d'Alsace is the perfect solution!

The bottle I drank earlier this month was fresh and alive and subtle. It's aged on its lees for three years, which gives it a lot of creamy depth. Apple, nuts, yeast, and poached pear show up on the nose — lovely stuff. The mousse is robust and fine, sweet crunchy white fruit shows on the attack, the palate is creamy, and it all finishes with subtle toast and toffee notes along with a vivacious minerality and lingering apple cider acidity. Unfortunately there's no info on composition or disgorgement dates ("L. 9002" is in tiny print on the back, if that means anything) but in any case, this $20 sparkling wine is a fabulous value and just what I need.

Goodbye Kara Thrace, goodbye Adamas Lee and Bill, goodbye President Roslin, goodbye Caprica Six, goodbye goodbye goodbye. We'll be raising a glass to y'all.

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