Monday, August 4, 2008

Mad About Mad Men

I just started watching the first season of Mad Men on disc and it's sucking me right in. All the actors are terrific and some are great, but my favorite so far is John Slattery, who plays senior partner Roger Sterling. My upstairs neighbors must think I'm a loon, because any time he's onscreen I'm howling with laughter — his timing is perfect as he delivers lines like, "Consider the product: He’s young, handsome, a Navy hero. Honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince America that Dick Nixon is a winner." Obviously you have to see it to believe it, but that leads me to my point: what are you waiting for?


TWG said...

Don't care about Mad Men, but the cat pic from your profile has been nabbed by the Weather Channel for their new Pet forecast. Investigate!!!! I hope doesn't mean that you've used a stock photo for your profile, I thought the cat was yours.

Wicker Parker said...

Alack and alas, I shall have to swap out my avatar. Yep, I found it as a stock photo -- it spoke to me. I do have a cat, but I've never put a lime peel on his head. He'd kill me if I tried.

TWG said...

That's unfortunate, it's one of the cutest cat pics I've seen.